APL in Summer Semester 2024

Researcher Exchange Tuesday 28/5 17.00

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Carolina Cappelli is an Italian performer, filmmaker and artistic gymnastic teacher. Her research is trans-disciplinary and involves the hybridization between writing and performative and cinematic practices. Strongly related to re-enactment as a primary tool of investigation, she often works with pre-existing material as a starting point for generating alternative narratives and researching the image of the catastrophe and the catastrophe of the image. 

Heads up☝️ Following Costas practice on the 22.05 17.00-18.30 the evening will extend into #APLpresence. No matter if straight after practice or fresh out of something else, join us for some tea and cosy vibes 19.00-20.00

Costas Kekis began dancing in Athens as a kid in his family’s living room before engaging with dance professionally. He has performed for Sara Lanner, Doris Uhlich, Oleg Soulimenko & Fanni Futterknecht and shown his work or collaborations in Croatia, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany & Austria. He also worked as a dramaturg with Magdalena Chowaniec, Fanni Futterknecht, Lau Lukkarila, Beatrix Simkó, Asher O‘ Gorman, Katerina Andreou among others. In 2021 and 2022 he coordinated artistically the Life Long Burning Programme ‚Performance Situation Room‘ in the frame of Impulstanz.

WEB: www.costaskekis.com



Performance by Premio Vienna Artist Carolina Cappelli on 13.05.2024

Filmscreening - Lichthöhe (2022) & Strata (2024)

APL Studio, 15th March, 2024


19:15 – 19:45 LICHTHÖHE

20:00 – 21:15 STRATA

LICHTHÖHE, FILM, 30 min, 2022

Peter Kozek & Thomas Hörl

together with Victor Jaschke

Photo credit: LICHTHÖHE, Peter Kozek & Thomas Hörl together with Victor Jaschke, filmstill, 2022

LICHTHÖHE explores the layers of an architectural-tectonic structure in which the history of the earth and the history of mankind, awe and consumption, tradition and a state of emergency overlap. In the summer of 2020, while the High Alpine Road is in operation, images will be created that reference the symbolic repertoire of the entire Alpine region. At the same time, a film crew captures the event in digital image sequences and shifts the perspective on what is seen: are the crisp, clear clouds in the sky the result of elaborate night filming technology or merely telltale signs of an old film trick, American Night? 

(Excerpt from a text by Florian Ronc)


STRATA, Film, 75 minutes, English with SDH subtitles in English, 2024


Photo credit: STRATA, Vestand Page, filmstill: daz disley, 2024

A film of philosophical, poetic action, “STRATA” blends film and performance art to explore the fascinating history of caves as sites of knowledge-making and art creation. Through interdisciplinary processes, artists and researchers investigate the connection between the human body and the geological depth of subsurface environments. The project focuses on the prehistoric caves of the Swabian Jura, where Ice Age humans created the oldest known examples of human figurative sculptures. Coming together to look into the river of human civilisation and to share what they had found, the collective of artists irradiate concepts of time, ecological intelligence and politics through performances for the camera. The film pinholes a perspective on a world where art, science and multiple perspectives nourish each other in co-creative processes. Nestled inside the dark subsurfaces of the land, the human body and stratified societies are tied in continuity to the geological, beheld through a lens of queer ecology. The caves are the symbiotic realms to dance between embodiment and scrutiny, the unseen and the unforeseen, the oppressed and unspoken, the forgotten and the repressed. www.stratafilm.de

Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes work together as VestAndPage internationally in performance art, performance-based film, writing, publishing and temporary artistic community projects for generative inquiry and collective imaginings. For over a decade, VestAndPage have explored performance art and filmmaking as phenomena through their collaborative multimedia art practice, artistic research and curatorial projects. They have produced performance-based art and films, among others, under Antarctic glaciers, at the Himalayan foothills, in the vastness of Tierra del Fuego, in military enclaves, or inside prehistoric cave systems. In a psychogeography of symbiotic realms, they move between embodiment and research, the unseen and the unforeseen, the oppressed and unspoken, the forgotten and the repressed. Their art practice is contextual and focuses on art’s liminal, spectral and ritual nature. Their works have been presented at various sites, museums, galleries, theatres, and cinemas worldwide, and they share their methodology on collaborative performance and filmmaking in master classes and as lecturers at various art academies. They are the founders and directors of the Venice International Performance Art Week, and their research and poetic writings have been extensively published and translated for international readers. www.vest-and-page.de

A VestAndPage production, Germany, 2021/24

Conceived, written, directed and produced by VestAndPage (Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes)

With Aldo Aliprandi, Marianna Andrigo, Andreas Bauer Kanabas, Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Giorgia De Santi, Francesca Fini, Nicola Fornoni, La Saula, Stephan Knies, Fenia Kotsopoulou, Boris Nieslony, Andrea Pagnes, Ralf Peters, Enok Ripley, Sara Simeoni, Marcel Sparmann, Verena Stenke, Susanne Weins. Music by PYUR and Woob.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the German Federal Government Commissioner of Culture and the Media.

Realized in collaboration with the Museum of Prehistory in Blaubeuren, Museum Ulm, Cojote Outdoor, EntrAxis e.V., A.P.S. Studio Contemporaneo, Live Arts Cultures.

With the support of UNESCO World Heritage: Caves and Ice Age Art of the Swabian Alb, State Office for Cultural Heritage of Baden-Wuerttemberg, ForstBW, Blauwald GmbH & Co KG, Stadt Blaubeuren, City of Schelklingen, City of Grabenstetten, City of Asselfingen, Museum association Schelklingen, Urgeschichte Hautnah, Tress Gastronomie/Wimsener cave. Thanks to to the University of Exeter Research Network “Rock/Body: Performative Interfaces between the geologic and the body”, especially Nigel Clarke, João Florêncio and Timothy Morton.


Bare Bodies – ganz ohr/all ears – Questionology

24 January 17.00
APL studio, Georg-Coch-Platz 2

Reading from three books in a Circle (test, test)
With Mariella Greil, Ricarda Denzer, Cordula Daus & Charlotta Ruth

APL cordially invite you to a collateral reading from recent APL related publications:
An anthology, an artist book and an exercise book, three exquisite printed matters which will be presented by the writers/editors themselves with collegial admiration. Attention: By means of a score (scroll down), we will not only activate our own publication – we’re proposing a first model for a Reading/Listening Circle.

Hope to see you there!

1. Make some space and time for the book in question.
2. Read attentively. Read inattentively.
3. Find a passage that connects to you/your book.
4. Note down where it takes you (page, place, other).
5. Let’s call this a wormhole.*
6. Make space for a yet unknown reader on your right side.
7. Read through the holes.

* Who are we to explain you what a wormhole is! As no matter of fact, a wormhole is a hypothetical structure connecting disparate points in spacetime. While wormholes are consistent with the general theory of relativity, it remains to be proven how they operate between books and readers.

APL Morning Practice - in the Evening;-)
Back in the Summer Semester!

ARTIST TALK(ING) Carolina Capelli & Marco-Augusto Basso 12.01.2024 Georg-Coch-Platz 2, APL Studio, 18:00 - 21:00

Join us for poetic imagery, alternative narratives, wine and some taralli!

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Good News, night strollers – no more suffering – only joy! Join the APL Morning Practices – now in the evening every Wednesday from MARCH 2024 17.00-18.30;-)


ABOUT: Claire is a femme choreographer, insomniac writer, and reality TV enthusiast currently based in Vienna, Austria. She likes to think of herself as a hostess, welcoming collaborators and audience members into kitsch landscapes where politics and poetics are gently interwoven.

WEB: www.clairelefevre.com @clairelefevre.heartemoji

The Morning Practices 2023 are curated by Asher O’Gorman and Barbis Ruder 

Full Winter-Semester Program here.

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APL & opens the door at Rennweg Studios every evening 11-16 December. Hope to see you at Rennweg 79-81, 1030 Vienna. Come as you are – leave with ideas, warmth, and new concerns! HOW WE OUGHT TO BE TOGETHER Info & Programme 

The Angewandte Performance Lab is thrilled to introduce its inaugural BANDO PREMIO VIENNA Stipends.

We are proud to collaborate with The Ministry of Culture (MiC) – Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) – Directorate General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy, and the Italian Cultural Institute in Vienna (IIC) on the inaugural edition of the “Premio Vienna.” This residency program is designed for young Italian artists in the field of performance art and is conducted in partnership with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Angewandte Performance Laboratory (APL).

Also, feel invited to scroll down checking current recommended calls!


We are looking for innovative Vienna-based artists and collectives who want to join the next round of the “Huggy Bears Supporting Program”. The program is designed for upcoming artists who are either already working in the performance art scene and/or dance or are motivated to enlarge their previous practice with performance art. This way a special transdisciplinary learning atmosphere is created which enables a shared knowledge transfer. The project runs from spring till autumn 2024. During this time participants get project support that involves administrative, technical, financial and artistic help. An intensive learning environment is created through regular feedback sessions within the group and with the leaders of Bears in the Park. Along the road the selected Huggy Bears will show and foster their working process on different occasions, Showings at like “Handle with Care” by brut Wien and collaborations with WUK and ImPulsTanz are part of the program. At the end of the program stands the big premiere of each project on one of the established stages for performance art in Vienna.

Please, download the full call here as pdf or visit our website for all the answers on how to apply.
Deadline: 19.11.2023

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