Upcoming 13.12. & 16.12.

Location: VZA 7 / SR 21

Bourgeois, EXPORT, Horn and more tba.

invited by Barbis Ruder and Peter Kozek with Sebastiano Sing
Post-Pop and Punk training

Barbis Ruder & Sebastiano Sing

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Fr.15.11.2019_5-7pm_APL_presents_at VZA7 / FLUX
Launching of Angewandte Performance Lab

by Daniel Aschwanden, Nikolaus Gansterer, Mariella Greil, Peter Kozek, Martin Kusch, Marie-Claude Poulin, Barbis Ruder, Jasmin Schaitl, and Lucie Strecker.

Open fermentation
Lucie Strecker and Roberta Raffaeta’ are introducing an open and collective fermenting process, supported by Unterganzner Vineyards, Karasek Winery and David Berry with Nicole Nussbaum, University of Vienna, Division of Microbial Ecology and Silvia Bulgheresi, University of Vienna, Department for Environmental Cell Biology . Dramaturgically backed by Philippe Riera.

Mo.18.11.2019_6-9pm_shared_practice_at VZA7 / SR21
Cellular Experience

A shared practice of somatic movement and imagery for cellular experiences.