The APL was developed by a group of performance artists associated with the University of Applied Arts.

The members of the current developing group are Ricarda Denzer, Nikolaus Gansterer, Asher O’Gorman, Mariella Greil, Peter Kozek, Daria Lytvynenko, Timothy Nouzak, Jianan Qu, Barbis Ruder, Charlotta Ruth, Jasmin Schaitl, Lucie Strecker.

Asher O’Gorman, Irish-British artist works as a dancer, maker and hosts workshops in various kaleidoscopic collaborative settings. Her work is a meeting of choreographic and visual art practices. She collaborates closely with raw materials drawing out their physical performative agency. Highlighting the tactile, visual, sensuous and existential nature of things to reveal the wonder of the “ordinary”; Thus challenging the hegemony of anthropocentrism. Asher holds a B.A. in choreography (DCA), a diploma in Dance from (SEAD) and M.A. from TransArts Die Angewandte. Asher’s latest work ‘stroke all the colours out of the sky’ was premiered at brut theatre. Her work is supported by the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Austrian Federal Chancellor’s Office, Arts Council England, Otto Mauer Fonds and the Embassy of Ireland. In 2021 Asher became a member of APL and initiated the organisation HOOD for Artist Parents.

Photo credit: Charlotta Ruth “Communicating with possible receivers” group call phone experiment part of the Almost Doctor Festival / PhD defense Zentrum Fokus Forschung 2022. Photo: Fabian Weiss

CHARLOTTA RUTH (S/A) plays with time and perception inside choreography and ludic systems. Her practice takes a media independent but site and context specific approach ranging between stage, gallery, public space, writing, institutional in-between spaces, games, video and online. She looks for subconscious layers in concrete actions. Things that are dual; meticulously freaky, off beautiful and colorful grey. The last years her main topic of investigation has been performative aspects of communication, questioning forms of societal participation and what happens to “liveness” in online to offline environments. Her work has been co-produced by for instance MDT and Dansens Hus in Stockholm, Tanzquartier, brut, WUK, Brunnenpassage and City Games Vienna. She is educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, holds a MFA in choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts, regularly collaborates as a performer with other artists and teaches internationally. Since 2017 Ruth is associated with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she concluded her PhD in Arts (2022) and currently co-leads the research projects Archives in Practice with Olivia Jaques and Marlies Surtmann (INTRA) as well as contributes to Outer Woman / Cordula Daus (Elise-Richter PEEK/FWF).

Daria Lytvynenko (Yalta, Ukraine, currently based in Vienna) is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in mime and physical theatre, working primarily with performance, video and installation. 

She addresses the audience in a provocative way, based on constant experiments with humour, satire and circus elements to voice the complexities of political and civil spheres.

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, Daria has been creating action-performances in public spaces in Vienna. 

In June 2023, Lytvynenko, in collaboration with Jasmin Schaitl, organised the international exhibition “Closeness” and the performance “No Distance Allowed” with participation of Ukrainian students from the University of Applied Arts and invited Ukrainian artists. This project is developing further and is planning to offer performative workshops for displaced Ukrainians in Austria, Czech Republic and Ukraine in 2024. 

In July-September 2022, Daria participated in the community-building project “Great Oven” in Lebanon, where she initiated workshops with local children and created the film “Due to the Burning Wave” with the small Ukrainian community in Bekaa Valley.

Jasmin Schaitl is a visual artist, artistic researcher, organiser and lecturer. For more than 10 years she has been sharing her approach to performance through workshops at universities, institutions and performance festivals across Europe and overseas. She has been developing artistic, performative methods that combine the sense of touch, the theme of memory and contemplative practices. Since 2021, her focus has been on participatory,  contemplative and multi sensorial formats for exhibitions/performances that allow people to actively participate, and co-create what they experience. 
In June 2023 she started to collaborate with Daria Lytvynenko and organised the international project “Closeness” and the performance “No Distance Allowed”, that created a platform for exhibiting, exchanging and supporting Ukrainian artists.  This project idea is currently growing and together they plan to offer performative workshops for displaced Ukrainians in Austria, Czech Republic and Ukraine in 2024.



Jianan Qu is a performance and visual artist. Starting from ‘the performative aspect of space, material and objects’ as well as ‘the present materiality of the body’, he initiates performative interactions between art fields, art spaces and institutions.

Immaterial and reduced expressions are key elements in these inter- actions. As a diasporic individual, in-between spaces of understanding and the necessary misunderstanding concern not only his artistic but also life trajectory.

Lucie Strecker arbeitet international als Künstlerin, Kuratorin und Autorin im Feld der performativen Künste. Von 2016 bis 2020 leitete sie das vom FWF geförderte künstlerische Forschungsprojekt “The Performative Biofact”.

As an artist, performer and researcher Nikolaus Gansterer is deeply interested in the relational field between drawing, thinking and action. His practice is based on a transmedial approach underpinned by a conceptual discourse in the context of performative visualization. He has been teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna since 2007. From 2014 – 2018 Gansterer was leading the artistic research PEEK-project “Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Line” developing innovative systems of notation between the lines of drawing, writing and choreography. Gansterer is currently leading the PEEK project “Contingent Agencies” on experimental mapping of atmospheres and environments.

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Ricarda Denzer’s cross-media works – audio-visual research spaces – combine video, text, photography, audio pieces, drawings, objects, installations, editorial and curatorial work. Her interest is the open narrative form and includes bricolage and composition as visual and acoustic performative act, especially in relation to the human voice. Denzer has taught at the University of Applied Arts Vienna since 2013. 

Her approach is to convey art in class as collective happening. She is considering space as both a catalyst as well as a framework for thoughts and speculations to simultaneously express a form of situatedness inside and outside of where and how we listen, and of experiencing artistic thinking as sonic act.


Timothy Nouzak ist ein österreichisch-amerikanischer Choreograf und Performance-Künstler, dessen Arbeit sich auf die Erforschung von Kollektivität durch erweiterte Formen des kollektiven Zuhörens und Empfindens konzentriert. Seine Praktiken, die soziologische, kognitive und künstlerische Elemente ­­verbinden, zielen darauf ab, Wege zu finden, um eine tiefere Verbindung innerhalb von Gruppenprozessen herzustellen. Timothy besitzt einen M.A. in Choreographie und einen postgradualen Master in Cultural Management. Zurzeit beschäftigt er sich im Rahmen von IPSD Angewandte und der Tongji University Shanghai mit „grassroots decision-making and feedback culture via expanded scores of embodied team-building“. Gemeinsam mit Charlotta Ruth koordiniert er derzeit das universitäre Projekt „How We Ought To Be Together“, das im Rahmen von APL, Hufak und INTRA „Archives in Practice“ stattfindet. Das Projekt untersucht Feedback-Methoden, die relationale Präsenz und gesellschaftlich engagierte Praxis verbinden. 

Timothy ist assoziiertes Mitglied der APL-Antenna Research & Teaching.