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Performance Activities and Events at the Angewandte.

Current Events

We are happy to announce your event, if you have a performance-related event happening in the realm of die Angewandte. Please contact us here.

Computer Lab 327: Isolation Suffering and The Divine Idea

Fr. May 1st 2020 beginning at dawn 5:01 am & ending at dusk (sunset) 8:09pm (CST).

Isolation, Suffering, and The Divine Idea: A Socially Distant Dialogue and Silent Procession of the Lumpen-Proletariat.

For those participants in Vienna you are invited to witness, participant, ignore, or discover this piece in real time. For our participants outside of Vienna I will be asking your Austrian counterparts to take over the Saint Genet IG and go live where you can see what is happening in real time.

Contact Ryan for more info or to take over the IG Account

Past Events

Computer Lab 327: Isolation Suffering and The Divine Idea

April 24th 8:30 pm, Zoom Event

Derrick Mitchell is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Meeting ID: 210 936 7762
Password on request 🙂

Nazis & Goldmund / Hydra,

24. 1. 2020, brut im AIL

Die Zukunft des Widerstands 1. Interspeeches 6 – Das Ende der Beschwerde?

Artist Talk by Lucie Strecker

Das spekulative Pharmakon

Risiken und Nebenwirkungen

17. December 2019, 13:45–16:15 Seminarraum 21  

Artist Talk by Barbis Ruder

Body of Work

30. September 2019 – Studio Social Design



4. – 10. November 2019

curated by Daniel Aschwanden and Hongwei Duan with artists He Liping /CHN), GE Yulu (CHN), Aye Ko (MMR), Anis Wijayanti (IDN), Inntal Rafita (MYS)