APL Performance Coaching

The APL offers students of Angewandte advise and information in all questions that are relevant for performative practices and project development. APL associated artists and lecturers will support students by individually reflecting and practically working on live processes in their broadest definition. Students of Angewandte can choose APL coaches from this list on our website. They will support performative student projects by individually reflecting and practically working on questions of mediated and real physical presence of audiences and performers. At the beginning of a coaching process, both the student and the supporting artist agree on expectations, goals and the framework of their cooperation. Intertwinement of analog, interactive and virtual performativity, movement studies, dramaturgical analysis, or feed back cultures can be foregrounded as well as participatory experiments or improvisation  – just to name a few focal points of body-based performative methodologies. Students from all faculties at Angewandte can contact us for individual coaching.

How to Connect

Please contact apl_info@uni-ak.ac.at for a first exchange. Interested students can introduce their projects and research focus. Based on the available list of artists and lecturers and fitting for your requirements we will match you up. From then on agreements about the frequency, duration and form of contact will be negotiated with your new partner in dialogue. Please contact apl_info@uni-ak.ac.at for an appointment and more information.

Artists in Winter Semester 2022

#FirstDoThenThink #Improvisation #Composition #NewMedia #Interactivity

Stefano D’Alessio is a new media artist, performer, composer and all-round tech nerd.

He creates audio-visual compositions using media technologies as performing partners.
His research is in developing interactive environments that balance between being playable as expressive instruments, understandable in their dynamics and able to convey meaning.

He regularly holds workshops, lectures and coaches interactivity for art and performance.

Stefano D'Alessio

audio-visual artist

Stefano d'Alessio - Foto: Francesca Centonze

He is looking forward to support projects that works with time-based composition and / or the use of new media and interactivity and / or needs advice on audio/visual technologies and virtual environments.

#somatic extasy #undisciplinary #nanopolitical #forms of togetherness #immanence

Mariella Greil, PhD works as artist & researcher focusing on contemporary performance, especially its ramifications into the choreographic and the ethical.

She currently pursues her habilitation project ‘Choreo-ethical Assemblages – Narrations of Bare Bodies’ (Elise-Richter-PEEK).

For her, creative research is a collaborative, politicized practice setting communicative processes in motion, enabling performative encounters and experiments. She uses expanded choreography and somatic practices as compositional tools.

Mariella Greil

Choreography & Research

Mariella Greil Photo: Mani Froh

She supports you with a practice as research approach, feedback frames, somatic & ideokinetic training and her curiosity in choreographing shifts of perception.

#architecture #disussion #hot performances #love​

He works as visual artist in performance and has developed exhibitions, installations and interventions in public space.

Within performative sculptures his works combine categories and media formats with opposing connotations to define them in terms of relationality. He is creating spatial images where often objects and viewers fuse.

He teaches as an assistant at the Angewandte in the department of Transmedia Art_Prof. Brigitte Kowanz

Peter Kozek

Performance & Space

Kozek Hörlonski Foto: Manuel Reinartz

As teacher and coach in Summer 2021 he is open to develop via online meetings any artistic idea and concept in a dialogue form starting from whatever stage and medium.

#wonderofordinarythings #alchemy #visuallandscapes #performativeritual #naivescience

She works as a maker & dancer in various collaborative settings. Her work is a meeting of choreographic and visual art practices

Asher collaborates closely with raw materials drawing out their physical performative agency. She highlights the tactile, visual, sensuous and existential nature of things to reveal the wonder of the “ordinary”; making what is often unobserved or overlooked, visible. Thus challenging the hegemony of anthropocentrism.

Asher O'Gorman

Compositions with Things

Photo: Katherina Lochmann

She offers compositional & choreographic tools; physical awareness & performance techniques and gladly shares her knowledge of production & funding. Her speciality - collaboration with; raw materials/objects /sculptures.

#digital thinking #embodiment #body-machine dialogue #composition #autopoiesis

Marie-Claude Poulin has developed an approach that she describes as “technosomatic”, a compositional methodology of hybridization in the autopoietic body-machine dialogues, where human and technological factors merge. This includes improvisation, movement analysis, and somatic visualization practices based on the awareness of bodily systems.

Transdisciplinary researcher, digital artist, choreographer and movement expert, Marie-Claude performed with Meg Stuart and Benoît Lachambre in the 1990s and co-founded the artistic company kondition pluriel in 2000. She is Senior Artist and performance teacher at the Dept. of Digital Arts and artistic researcher at the Dept. of Media Theory.

Marie-Claude Poulin

Technosomatic Approach

Laura Unger, Enjeux, Banff Center for the Arts, Photo: Rita Taylor, ©kondition pluriel, 2015

She guides artists to transfer their tools and knowledge into the realm of the body and stimulates their sensorimotor perceptions, fostering heterogeneous artistic processes beyond disciplinary fields.

#ShineBrightLikeADiamond #Happynism #Motivation #BecomeAPro #TrashPop

Barbis Ruder is a performance and media artist. She currently does her PHD in artistic research at Angewandte and is Senior Artist at the Angewandte Performance Laboratory.

Her research focus is on physicality of the performing body and corporative body, body & object Intersection, performative disobedience, Pop Culture and Music.

From ideas to doing: her focus is to get you going and help overcoming personal resistance and fears when getting into performative actions.

Barbis Ruder

Performance & Media Artist

Barbis Ruder - Mundstücke v2 at ZKM

In the Summer semester she is happy to support in setting up performative online environments and dramaturgies that fit to the screen medium. She also can give hands on advice and support in project management and rehearsal planning for performances planned for the analogue times in Summer and later.

impossible systems, choreographic clues, reality-glitches

Charlotta Ruth works with choreography, conceptual instructions and game-design.

At Angewandte she’s doing a PhD in artistic research and is employed inside the PEEK Research Project Neuromatic Game Art. Ruth’s practice based research focuses on liveness in online to offline environments; creating systems, misusing technology and experimenting with other ways of being in the world.

She regularly coaches choreography, participatory game structures as well as performance documentation.

Charlotta Ruth

Choreography, Concepts & Game Design

Charlotta Ruth Photo: Johannes Burström

She’s curious to support your ongoing practice with methodological input as well as dramaturgical support for performances, game-structures and online experiments.

#Performance in the Mind #abundance in emptiness #haptic sense #memory #mindfulness

Jasmin Schaitl is a performer and visual artist. She is currently employed in the PEEK Project DEMEDARTS Dementia.Empathy.Education.Arts and enrolled in a PhD in artistic research at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (PL).
Her interest in performative practices focuses on the intersection of: the act of touching and (not) being touched and its effects, the materiality of objects, and the process of memorization.

Jasmin is looking at the juxtaposition of presence versus absence and questions what remains or becomes present or absent.

Jasmin Schaitl

Visual Artist & Performer

Jasmin Schaitl Photo: Christian Prinz

She is excited to support in extracting the essence of your idea or ongoing performative process, and in refining and developing structures and formats for live-performances, including one to one formats.

#experience design #microperformativity #experiment #co-corporeality

Lucie Strecker­, a Vienna and Berlin based artist, performer and researcher, is exploring experimental systems in regard to a post-anthropocentric notion of performativity, including material, affective, scientific and natural-cultural hybrids. She is looking for new modalities of microperformative perception and co-corporeality. Performing, exhibiting and publishing internationally, she has taught Performance Art and Experience Design at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and the Berlin University of the Arts. At the Art & Science department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna she is conducting the FWF Elise-Richter-PEEK project ‚The Performative Biofact‘.

Lucie Strecker

Microperformativity & Experiments

Lucie Strecker ©Spiess/Strecker
Lucie Strecker ©Spiess/Strecker

She supports this Summer Semester in questioning the role of the experimenter in experimental set-ups or self-experiments and how spectators experience themselves as part of such arrangements.