APL Presence


by Nikolaus Gansterer and Jasmin Schaitl - dates tba.



Technorganic Salon

Martin Kusch, Marie-Claude Poulin, Stefano D’Alessio, Johannes Hucek in dialogue with Eva Fischer (sound:frame)

Diving into aspects of performative practices using technological systems: a live-event constructed on historical accounts, intermixed with the artists’ practice and research.

Eintauchen in Aspekte performativer Praktiken mit technologischen Systemen: ein Live-Event basierend auf historischen Materialien, vermischt mit der Praxis und Forschung der Künstler.

Mo.23.03.2020_6-9pm_APL_shared_practice cancelled

Technorganic Agency

Martin Kusch, Marie-Claude Poulin, Stefano D’Alessio, Johannes Hucek 

A somato-technical workshop, highlighting 
the hybridization of body-based practices and digital tools.

Ein somato-technischer Workshop, der 
die Hybridisierung von Körperpraktiken und digitalen Werkzeugen beleuchtet.


Location: Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7 / Flux 2

Fr.17.01.2020_5-7pm_Flux 2_APL_presents

Opening Up the Choreographic

with Daniel Aschwanden, Mariella Greil and Charlotta Ruth

In the expanded field of the choreographic we rethink the relational – proposing sensuous address with and beyond words. Choreographic thinking applied to other processes allows polylogic orientation. How does the mattering of the body form subject and method? What patterns organize our social space? What kind of choreographic environment are we creating? Through repeated acts discursive intervention and engagement get activated. The choreographic is not only looked at, but it returns the gaze. Is it your turn now?


Mo.20.01.2020_6-9pm_SR 21_shared_practice

Somatic Delight, Solidarity & Perception

with Daniel Aschwanden and Mariella Greil

Shared Practice How does the construction of body space work? Employing somatic attunement, we open our perception. Through objects and sounds figures of togetherness emerge in variations and repetitions. We move from somatic practices towards choreographic game structures and compositional tools for expanded physical actions in space.


Location: VZA 7 / SR 21


Bourgeois, EXPORT, Horn and more tba.

invited by Barbis Ruder and Peter Kozek with Sebastiano Sing

Versuch einer Anleitung.
Wenn Du also eher neugierig bist oder nur ein wenig spielen willst, vielleicht aus Langeweile oder um Dich vor Deinen Freundinnen interessant zu machen, lass die Finger davon!

Manual Attempt.
If you are too curious or just want to play a bit, maybe out of boredom or to make yourself interesting in front of your friends, do not do it!


Post-Pop and Punk training

Barbis Ruder & Sebastiano Sing

Leuchte hell wie ein Diamant. Beweg deinen Arsch, aber schau auf dich. Zeig uns was du drauf hast.

Shine bright like a diamond. Shake your ass, but watch yourself. Show us what you got.


Location: VZA 7/Flux 2

Fr.15.11.2019_5-7pm_APL_presents_at VZA7 / FLUX

Launching of Angewandte Performance Lab

by Daniel Aschwanden, Nikolaus Gansterer, Mariella Greil, Peter Kozek, Martin Kusch, Marie-Claude Poulin, Barbis Ruder, Jasmin Schaitl, and Lucie Strecker.

Open fermentation

Lucie Strecker and Roberta Raffaeta’

are introducing an open and collective fermenting process, supported by Unterganzner Vineyards, Karasek Winery and David Berry with Nicole Nussbaum, University of Vienna, Division of Microbial Ecology and Silvia Bulgheresi, University of Vienna, Department for Environmental Cell Biology . Dramaturgically backed by Philippe Riera.

Mo.18.11.2019_6-9pm_shared_practice_at VZA7 / SR21

Cellular Experience

A shared practice of somatic movement and imagery for cellular experiences.